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8 Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips

8 Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips 


8 Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips 

As much as we love the holidays, sometimes it can get stressful when we are the one who is making the holiday meal. These are just a few tips that I have picked up over the years that have helped me and may help you too. Hold on to them. You never know when you can use them for any occasion and nice to pass them along to a friend or family member. I hope these 8 Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips are helpful and that you and everyone at your Thanksgiving table have a wonderful day. 


8 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips




1. Planning Your Meal

By now, you should have your meal planned. Just go over everything again and make sure your shopping list is up to date and ready to go.


2. Check Your Kitchen Utensils, Cookware and Kitchen Tools

In addition to planning your menu, it’s just as important to make sure you have all the cookware and kitchen tools you’ll need to prepare your entire meal.


3. Have a Countdown Chart Ready and Available

Know your menu. Meaning, plan what recipes can be made a day or two ahead of time. Most sauces, like cranberry, can be made at least a day or two ahead. Vegetables can be cut up the night before. Bread for stuffing is best when it’s stale, cut it up a day before and store in a paper or plastic bag. Go over every recipe to see what can be done a few days before to save you time on Thursday.


4. It’s Never Too Early to Organize Your Linens, Stemware, Dinnerware and Flatware



Take out all your linens and start organizing what you want to set your table with. If you are using cloth napkins, you may want to iron them along with your tablecloths a few days before. Remember, you will need two cloths, one for dinner and one for dessert. (Well, I change mine, that gravy and cranberry sauce get everywhere) Also, make sure your dinnerware is selected and your flatware is clean and sparkling, along with the stemware. It needs to be cleaned then set out, and it’s best to make up the table Wednesday night. It does not have to be fancy, just clean and neat looking. It’s the thought that goes into it that really counts. Now place your favorite centerpiece in the middle and Tada! You’re done with the table. On to the next project.


5. About the Beverages

Make sure all the beverages that need to be chilled are in the fridge. If you have a separate fridge, use that one so the bottles don’t take up extra space. If it’s cold outside you may be able to keep the bottles in the garage. Have your largest coffee pot cleaned and ready to be filled with water that day. Also, have a tea kettle filled with fresh water as well on Thursday. This way, when you finish the meal you can turn them both on. Make sure to know ahead of time how long your coffee pot takes to brew. Some may take longer than others and you may have to turn it on before you sit down to eat the main meal.


6. The Bakery and Market are Your Friends

Don’t think you have to make everything yourself. You local bakery or even the bakery in your favorite supermarket has great baked goods. If you think you may be short on a dessert, pick up a plain pound cake or some cookies. Also, Grab a large jar of applesauce when you go shopping. Just in case you forget to make or don’t want to make homemade apple sauce. Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top and place in a pretty serving bowl. Just some suggestions to make your meal a little easier.


7. Oops, Forgot to Get The Ice…

Remember, the people you are having over are the people you love. It’s okay to ask someone to pick up something you forgot– like more ice. Or, how many times do we all run out of paper towels. It’s easy enough for them to stop at the convenience store to grab these items for you.





8. Lastly…Helping Hands with Clean-Up is Good


My mom always told me if people offer to help clean up, say OKAY! Don’t be that person that says, “Oh, no thank you I can do it myself.” Then, when everyone leaves and you are still cleaning up, you want to scream into the kitchen towel. Just let them help, and if they don’t offer, it’s also okay to say, “Anyone who wants to give me a hand in the kitchen, that would be great, the faster we get the dishes done, the faster we get the yummy desserts on the table.” Well, that’s what my mom always told me to say. I hope these helped a little. Have a fun, happy and healthy holiday. Save these tips for the next holiday. 

Gobble Gobble…

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope these tips are helpful to you as they have been with me too. To save this you can pin on Pinterest. It’s a great place to collect and save this or any of your favorite recipes for later on.

Please stop back again soon. There are so many delicious and easy recipes to see both sweet and savory. New ones too.

 Bye for now…


Here are a couple of my favorite dishes I have served on Thanksgiving and other holidays. 

Family Favorite Green Bean Casserole

Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread


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