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3 Helpful Kitchen Tips


Here are a few helpful tips and hacks I came across recently. Keep these on hand and remember to share with your family and friends.


Helpful Kitchen Tips

  1. Plastic bread bag clips: When you are finished with that loaf of bread, don’t throw away those little plastic clips.  They are great as tiny scrapers. They come in handy for little dried messes on counters or glass stove tops, handy dandy price tag removers, labels and even good for scraping lottery tickets instead of a coin.bag-ties
  2. Plastic grocery bags: Don’t throw away the plastic bags from the market and stores like Target and Walmart. Use them to line small trash cans. When filled up, just lift, tie and throw away. Also good as packing material. Just bunch up a few. Same goes for packing peanuts, don’t throw them away, reuse them for packing another item. Great for holiday season when packing up gifts to be mailed out or, packing up Christmas decorations.plastic-bag-holder
  3.  Use an old cupcake pan for organizing office and kids supplies: Use an old cupcake pan for any small items such as paperclips. Slides right into a kitchen draw for safe keeping.old-cupcake-pan-for-storage


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