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Keeping the Kitchen Cooler During the Hot Weather Months

Keeping The Kitchen Cooler During The Hot Weather Months 

Here’s a few of my own tips on keeping the kitchen cooler during summer.

Summertime Post

When it’s hot day outside, the last thing I would want is to make the kitchen even hotter by putting on the oven.

Keeping the oven off during the hot days saves energy and of course keeps you cooler.  

Today I’m sharing with you six of my own tips to keep  the kitchen cooler during the hot summer months.

You know those hot, steamy days and nights during the summertime that the last thing we want to do is cook a hot meal.

We’re in a heat wave as I write this post. 

Today and the rest of the week here on Long Island is and will continue to be well over 90 degrees. Some days close to 100 degrees, like it is today.

It’s sunny and hot!

Keeping The Kitchen Cooler During Summer

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1. Keep an eye on the long range weather forecast.

If there are one or two days that are cooler, take advantage of it and cook a few extra meals to freeze. Then, when it’s too hot to cook, pop a meal out and reheat in the microwave.

2. Take advantage of your outdoor grill.

Even if it’s hot outside, it’s better than turning the oven on and throwing some burgers, chicken, or hot dogs on the grill won’t take long at all. Make some extra, keep in the fridge for the next day or freeze for a later day.

3. Turn to small appliances like the electric skillet indoors.

Skillets maintain low temperatures well and release almost no heat into the kitchen. Great for stir-fry meals.  A rice steamer makes perfect rice, every time, with no excess heat to fog your kitchen. A pressure cooker can prepare family favorites in a fraction of the time. An automatic bread machine can do the trick for a homemade sliced bread without heating up the kitchen. Slather on some butter, oh yea! Here’s a recipe you will love, it’s so easy, that’s why it’s called 10 Minute Chicken String Bean Stir-Fry.

4. Sandwiches aren’t just for lunch in the summer.

They are ideal for a hot evening when served with a cold salad such as fresh fruit salad or a creamy coleslaw. This is my favorite recipe, quick and easy.

5. Salads in general can make a nice light meal, especially when it’s hot outside.

Add your favorite protein like sliced turkey from the deli counter. Open a can of beans, rinse well and toss over the salad for a vegetarian protein meal. Here’s a couple of my family’s favorite dinnertime salads.

6. I saved my  favorite way of cooking during the warm days for the last but I think best ideas. The wonderful crockpot!

Nothing beats throwing everything in one pot and let the appliance do all the work. The kitchen stays nice and cool and you have a home cooked meal ready to be served by the time everyone makes it home for dinner.  Here’s a few favorites made right in the trusted crockpot. Yum!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope these tips help you out on the hot summer days and nights.

Please stop back again soon. There’s so many delicious recipes to see both sweet and savory. More helpful tips too.

To save or collect any favorite tips and recipes, you can pin them on Pinterest. It’s a great way to save for later on. 

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