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The Amazing Avocado

The Amazing Avocado – A super food that tastes amazing on it’s own and magic all different kinds of recipes. Check out the varieties and some helpful tips and recipes.


The Amazing Avocado

There are more than 80 varieties of avocados. The most common is the year-round Hass avocado, which grows in California. This popular variety is also called a Alligator Pear because of the shape, green skin and rough texture. The Florida avocado has a smooth, shiny surface. Also popular for most of the year. Both found at markets around the country.


Avocado Production

The two main U.S. producers of the fruit are California and Florida.

Avocado Nutrition

Avocados are a good source of fiber, potassium  and vitamins C, K, folate, and B6. Half an avocado has 160 calories, 15 grams of heart healthy unsaturated fat, and only 2 grams saturated fat.

Avocado in Salads

Consider adding avocados to your salads. Mash one up with some lemon juice and you have a delicious and healthy dressing.

The Super Bowl and  Guacamole

What would guacamole be without avocados? On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans eat about 8 million pounds of guacamole.

How To Avoid Browning in Avocados

To help prevent an already sliced avocado from browning, sprinkle lemon juice or lime juice over the cut avocado and refrigerate in a plastic bag. I also heard if you put the pit back in, that helps too. It’s worth a try.

*Can’t Forget My Favorite Things To Do With Avocados!*

Using avocados in desserts are wonderful. You can bake with them, make vegan mousse and pudding too. Check out some yummy recipes made with avocados.

Decadent Yet Healthy Chocolate Protein Pudding 

       Avocado Toast with Arugula and Tomato

       Frosted Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes


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