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Fun Yummy Sugar Cone Cornucopias

Here's a fun and yummy craft project the kids and you will enjoy doing together. Put on on each place setting for a yummy treat for everyone to enjoy during and after a meal. 

Course Dessert, Family Favorties
Cuisine American
Keyword Candy, candy corn, mixed nuts, nuts, sugar cones, Thanksgiving
Author Pam


  • Sugar cones (ice cream cones)
  • Snack mix (like a mixture of nuts, seeds, candy corn, etc.)
  • Paper towel
  • paper plate
  • water
  • microwave


  1. 1. Fold a paper towel into a strip about two inches wide. Dampen the paper toweling and squeeze out the extra water. Wrap the paper towel around the bottom tip of a sugar cone so that it is completely covered.

    2. Place wrapped sugar cone on a microwave safe plate. Put in the microwave on high for 20 seconds. Remove the sugar cone and carefully check for flexibility. If the cone’s tip is not soft enough to bend, rewet the paper towel and wrap the sugar cone again. Return to the microwave for another 20 seconds but watch carefully as the sugar cone can burn.

    3. When the sugar cone tip is soft enough to bend, gently press the tip against the paper plate. To get more of a curl on the tip, wrap the cone around your finger. Allow the cone to cool completely before filling with your favorite snack mix, candies, etc. Enjoy!!