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5 Kitchen Tips To Keep On Hand

kitchen tipsHi friends, back with a few more kitchen tips that are great to keep on hand. Check them out and pass along to family and friends. Will be back again in the near future with some more to share.


5 Kitchen Tips To Keep On Hand


1. Best Way To Scoop Up A Broken Egg Shell

You just cracked eggs for a recipe and there is a piece of shell left behind. I came across this tip and it really works. Instead of fishing around with your finger to dig them out of your bowl, use one of the egg shell halves to scoop it out!

Scoop out an egg shell with the big shell

2. Don’t Waste The Leftover Tomato Sauce From Your Recipe. Freeze it!

This is a great way to save any kind of leftover sauce from a recipe. Even a small amount. I hate wasting food. This way, when needed,  I add in a pot or microwave or add them to a new batch of sauce, great to add into homemade sauce too. When they are frozen be sure to place them into a ziplock bag and close tightly, then, take out the amount that’s needed.

freezing tomato sauce

3. Keep Your Cutting Boards From Sliding On The Counter

This has happened too many times, cutting a vegetable or fruit and the cutting board takes off. Not a good thing. This is however! Place a damp paper towel or dish cloth under any cutting board and voila! It doesn’t move anymore.

no slice cutting board

4. Want More Juice From Your Lemon or Lime?

This is so easy and saw this trick on one of the cooking shows. Just roll and squeeze a little. That’s it. The juices will release and when you cut into the fruit, you will be happy to see how the juice flows out.

Lemon and limes

5. Why Spray Measuring Cups With Cooking Spray?

This was one of the best tricks I saw on another cooking show. Great for honey, peanut butter and any kind of sticky ingredients that’s hard to get out of the cup after measuring. Watch how easy everything slips out!


Spray measuring cups with cooking spray

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